Introducing Astrofox

Posted by Mike Cao

Hello, everyone! Today I am proud to be launching a project I've been working on for several years called Astrofox. What began as a side project to learn some new web technologies has now become a real product.

What is it?

Astrofox is a motion graphics tool for creating audio-reactive visuals synced to music. You can combine images and text with audio elements like sound waves and spectrum bars that react to music. You go further by adding one of many effects like blur and glow to enhance your visuals. Then save your work as high-definition videos and share them on social media sites to gain new fans.


Today, sharing content via video is common everywhere. As an musician, you want as many people as possible to hear your music. Astrofox lets you create eye-catching videos that will automatically play on sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. As an artist or marketer, you can quickly generate motion graphics without the need for a designer or developer. As a podcaster, you can easily put together a moving video to share. Or maybe you are just a hobbyist who wants to experiment with a few ideas and see where your creativity takes you.

The goal of Astrofox is to provide a tool that lets you quickly and easily create videos of amazing music visualizations. I hope you find Astrofox useful and enjoy using it.